Prestige Auto Care


{ $49.99

All Purpose Utility Brush
Durable Soft and Safe to Use
Suitable for Both Interior and Exterior Surfaces
Soft Flagtip Nylon Bristles
Comfortable, Ergonomic Round Grip

The Rag Company’s Ultra Utility Brush is the ONE brush to do it all! Joining TRC’s line of ULTRA Products, they have created a brush that’s extremely durable, soft, and safe for many detailing tasks. The Soft Flagtip Nylon Bristles and sturdy Wooden grip provide a smooth and effective experience with agitation. Pair it with your favorite All-Purpose Cleaner, Wheel Cleaner, or Interior Cleaner and get to work!

Recommended Uses:

  • Cars / Trucks / Boats / Recreational Vehicles
  • Safe on Convertible Tops for Deep Cleaning
  • Wheel and Tire Cleaning
  • Lower Rocker Panels, Sidesteps, Truck Beds
  • Rubber and Vinyl Floor Mats
  • General Exterior Use

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