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RUPES LHR21 BigFoot Mark III Electric Random Orbital Polisher LUX Kit

{ $1,149.99

Superior Italian design will change the way you polish paintwork forever.

The RUPES Mark III BigFoot Random Orbital Polisher sets the stage for 21st century detailing. RUPES, an Italian company that has been manufacturing precision tools since 1947, has developed the most high-tech polishers the world has ever seen. Over several years of research and development, BigFoot has redefined paint correction for the enthusiast and professional detailer. The innovative system allows for the smoothest and most efficient polishing experience. The RUPES Mark III Bigfoot Random Orbital Polisher uses superior Italian craftsmanship to create a tool that is built to last.

Innovative design makes the LHR21 Mark III the perfect machine for large polishing jobs.

The RUPES LHR21 BigFoot Mark III Random Orbital Polisher gets its name from its massive, industry leading 21mm orbit. Consider this: a conventional random orbital polisher has an orbit between 4 and 8mm.This gives the LHR 21 a huge advantage while working on large panels because it enables you to polish a significantly larger area, reducing your overall time and increasing profits This means you’ll be able to remove swirls, scratches, water spots and other paint defects in considerably less time. It is the perfectionist’s choice for swirl-free paint!

The highly efficient motor of the Mark III BigFoot Random Orbital Polisher produces a speed range of 3000 to 4500 RPMs. The specially engineered motor, generates high levels of torque while requiring just 500 watts of input. This results in RUPES offering the most efficient motor in random orbital polishing today. The motor on these polishers are so efficient compared with other polishers on the market, performing better than these polishers that push up to 1100w.

The RUPES LHR 21 utilizes a 6 inch hook and loop backing plate designed to accommodate 6.5 inch and 7 inch pads – perfect for polishing horizontal and large body panels.  The polisher ensures a perfect finish with its random orbital motion and exceptionally large throw. One of the biggest advantages of the LHR 21 is that no swirls or holograms are instilled into the paint as you polish. A conventional rotary/circular polisher, while very effective at polishing paint to remove defects, can leave swirls and holograms in the finish as a result of its direct drive, circular motion. Simply put, the RUPES LHR 21 BigFoot Mark III Random Orbital Polisher leaves you with a perfect finish that’s free of swirls and holograms – all without the risk of burning through the paint. It is so easy to use that even a novice can have the polisher mastered after only one panel!

Improved Design Ergonomics

Attention to detail is something more than just attractive design. Subtle design refinements like the rubberized front grip which replaces the plastic, carbon-fibre like finish of the Mark II, offers exceptional comfort for the operator while providing a non-slip surface for control. The improved rear handle also integrates rubberized surfaces for improved feel. Two strategically placed top-mounted, non-marking rubber tool rests provide stability when the tool is on it's back and not in use,  as well as additional protection against unintended impact.

Kit includes:
  • RUPES BigFoot Mark III 21mm Electric Random Orbital Polisher LHR21III
  • D-A Coarse Polishing Compound 250ml 9.DACOARSE250
  • D-A Coarse Foam Polishing Pad 150/180mm 9 .DA180H
  • D-A Fine Polishing Compound 250ml 9.DAFINE250
  • D-A Fine Foam Polishing Pad 150/180mm 9 .DA180M
  • UNO Protect One-Step Polish & Sealant 250ml 9.PROTECT250
  • Wool Polishing Pad Coarse 150/170mm 9.BW180H
  • Wool Polishing Pad Fine 150/170mm 9.BW180M
  • Microfibre Detailing Cloths x 4 9.BF9010
  • Claw Pad 9.BF7001
  • Cable Clamp 9.Z1024
  • RUPES BigFoot Detailing Apron 9.Z868
  • RUPES BigFoot Polisher Bag 9.Z1043/BF

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