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RUPES BigFoot D-A Coarse Polishing Compound

{ $34.99

For Random Orbital and Gear Driven Polishers

Features and Benefits
  • For use with BigFoot Random Orbital or Gear-Driven tools
  • High-performance cutting compound
  • Durable lubrication system for an extended polishing cycle and longer working time
  • Low dusting formula reduces post-compound cleanup work
  • Color-coordinated to RUPES blue foam, DA wool pads, or coarse microfibre discs
  • One-step moderate-to-severe defect removal and finishing on most paints
  • Sanding mark and severe defect removal
The formula, developed and blended in-house by RUPES, is designed to perform with Dual Action polishers, including both large-stroke random orbital and gear-driven tools.

RUPES  D-A COARSE is the latest high-performance compound designed for maximum efficiency. This fast cutting compound is ideal for users who want quick defect removal and smooth user experience on every type of paint.

The formulation is optimized to achieve the best performance if used with RUPES Coarse blue foam, DA wool pads, or coarse microfiber discs together with BigFoot Dual Action Polishers, including both random orbital and gear-driven tools.

D-A Coarse represents a significant advancement in the world of cutting compound performance and finishes with excellent clarity, low dusting, and easy wipe off.

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