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P & S VUE Inspiration Glass Ceramic Coating

{ $179.99


VUE is an easy to install product adding protection to glass for at least 6 months but considerably longer if there is not alot of rain. The reduced minimum protection life of Vue is because the constant rubbing of windshield wipers against the glass surface will wear away the coating far quicker than if the wipers are not required. This is a far different scenario than that of a ceramic coating for your paintwork which will last for years (depending on the product) because the only friction on the surface is that of natural elements such as wind.

VUE comes packaged in a blue 30 ml bottle offering up to 10 windshield coatings plus per container. A winning combination is to polish the glass with Clarity Creme, prep the glass with Paint Prep and add protection with VUE Glass Coating. (Please note that Clarity Creme should be available by late September.

VUE INSPIRATION Glass Coating is formulated for use by professionals and experienced enthusiasts and proper procedures must be followed for effective application and results. We do not recommend product use or application by untrained individuals or beginners.

The Vue Inspiration Glass Coating Kit Includes:-

1 – 100 ml bottle of VUE Inspiration Glass Coating
1 – Coating applicator
1 – Instruction sheet
4 – Door Jam Labels

Up until now P&S Detail Products has been a chemical manufacture with one coating. Inspiration Classic has proven to be a high performing, durable coating which has garnered attention by professionals throughout the industry for its exceptional performance. P & S’s original goal of gaining credibility, by having their initial ceramic coating product prove itself on the street, has been achieved over the last three years.

They have accomplished the goal and now they are officially becoming a coating company by expanding their product offering by adding  SOLE 12 month ceramic coating and a glass ceramic coating in VUE.

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