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P&S Bead Maker Paint Protectant

{ $119.99

P&S Bead Maker is currently one of the most popular detailing/paint protectant products available at the moment.

Bead Maker is a polymer based sealant that takes around two hours to completely bond to the surface. Once bonded however it leaves an amazing slickness and gloss to the paint.

One of the things we really like about Bead Maker is its ability to be used as a standalone product or on top of other coatings like waxes, ceramic coatings or other sealants ETC. 


Note: This product is applied much more liberally than what most people would normally do for a quick detailer/spray wax. With other products where you use a light mist across the panel or area, we have found with Bead Maker you need to really apply it liberally to the area, basically coating it with spray to get the best results.

Initial application

1. Wash your vehicle and blow off any excess water using a  leaf blower or air compressor.

2. Take Bead Maker and spray liberally to one panel at a time.

3. Take an Eagle Edgeless 500 microfibre towel and spray a couple of sprays on to the towel.

4. Work to product in straight back and forth motions into the area.

5. Flip the towel over and finish out.

6. Allow the product to cure for about 2 hours, taking care to avoid any water or rain.

You can use a standard microfibre towel with this product, however for the best results we recommend using two Eagle Edgeless 500 towels.

We also recommend using Bead Maker as a topper/drying aid after each wash to keep the product at its best. 

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