Fireball Ultimate Iron Burn (mild)

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Brake pads shred when brakes are applied, causing tiny hot, sharp iron particles to become airborne. These particles attach to the nearest substrate and instantly bond. As they oxidize they swell and left in situ may cause permanent pitting on the substrate’s surface. Iron contamination should therefore be removed on a regular basis to avoid unsightly and damaging build-up.

Ultimate Iron Burn is a spray on solution designed to shrink the iron particles, breaking their bond with the underlying substrate and allowing them to be freely rinsed away. The product changes colour to a deep purple on contact with iron, highlighting the areas of contamination.

Ultimate Iron Burn is pH neutral and safe for all painted (and non painted) surfaces. All you need is a light mist across your paintwork or wheels to see a strong reaction beginning.

Directions for use (Vehicle Paint/Body)

This is the process we personally use to chemically decontaminate a vehicle prior to a mechanical decontamination (I.E Claybar).

  1. Immediately after washing with your choice of soap, rinse the car thoroughly.
  2. Spray all painted surfaces of the car liberally with Ultimate Iron Burn. (Try to avoid plastic and rubber trim, however generally its fine if you get some over-spray on these surfaces.)
  3. Let sit for around 5 minutes. (DO NOT let this product dry on the surface. Avoid applying to hot surfaces or in direct sunlight)
  4. Rinse the vehicle off thoroughly.

Directions for use (Wheel Cleaning)

This is the process we personally use to clean vehicle wheels. 

NOTE: Only do ONE wheel at a time. Complete the entire process before moving on to the next wheel.

  1. Fill your dedicated wash bucket with your choice of vehicle soap or specific wheel cleaner soap. Place your dedicated wheel tools IE mitt/brush's in the bucket. (We find using the soap that you use to wash the car works extremely well)
  2. Spray Ultimate Iron Burn liberally on the wheel. Be sure to get the barrel and face of the wheel.
  3.  Allow to sit for 1 - 2 minutes until you start to see the color change happen.
  4. Take your wheel brush from the bucket and begun to clean the inside of the barrel. Start from the top of the wheel and work your way down to the bottom.
  5. Take the smaller wheel brush and use this to clean out harder to reach areas like around the lug nuts.
  6. Using the dedicated wheel mitt, wipe down the spokes and face of the wheel.
  7. Rinse the wheels thoroughly with water.