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Fireball Fusion Paste Wax

$149.99 $199.99

Fusion Wax is a high quality hybrid show wax designed to exhibit extreme gloss and hydrophobic protection. Fusion Wax is made with the highest quality Brazil T1 Carnauba Wax combined with SiO2 for ultimate shine and longevity. Fusion Wax will show super hydrophobic water behavior after 2 hours and demonstrate a surface wet-look after about 6 hours.


  1. Using a mini spoon, put enough wax onto the applicator to ensure even coverage.
  2. Apply in circular motions one panel at a time ensuring even coverage.
  3. Youll notice the wax start to dry to a haze. We recommend to buff off after around 10 - 15 minutes with a clean, plush microfibre towel, like the Eagle Edgeless 500.
  4. Once complete, allow to cure for 24 hours before coming into contact with water.

 Kit Contents: Fusion Wax (100g), Tourbillon Booster, 2 Black Applicators, 2 Mini Spoons, and Wrapping Fabric in silver along with the Original Fusion Wax box packaging.

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