Prestige Auto Care

Detail Factory - Boar's Hair Brush

{ $39.99

Detail Factory's Boar Hair Brushes are the top brushes for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

These brushes are specifically designed for medium-to-heavy duty cleaning on both the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

  • Ergonomically Designed Handle Profile
  • Textured Grip Area
  • Balanced at Grip Area to Minimize User Fatigue
  • Chemical Resistant Handle and Professional Quality Boar's Hair Bristles
  • Metal-Free Construction to Prevent Scratching and No Wood to Rot
  • Short Handle (6.5") for Interior Use, Leather Cleaning, Door Panels, Hard Plastics, Cup Holders, etc.
  • Long Handle (9.5") for Exterior Surfaces, Wheels, Grill, Emblem/Badge, Mouldings, etc.

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